Folks of some nations (or from some areas) do not need a visa if the company’s time period stay in Japan is definitely 3 months or little and they’re not just destined to be focused on income-earning techniques.

Folks of some nations (or from some areas) do not need a visa if the company’s time period stay in Japan is definitely 3 months or little and they’re not just destined to be focused on income-earning techniques.

Involve the List of places and Regions which has Visa Exemption Arrangements with Japan.

Q2: I have to allow a foreign national to Japan. Precisely what operations are crucial?

A2: (1) when it come to an invite for the purpose of a short term visit (in the case that you will be inviting family members or good friends, staff of a firm by which you are doing company, etc. for a period of keep of three months or much less and does not end up being paying all of them money), please compose a Letter of reason behind Invitation and write down a plan of Stay. If you should be appealing an individual from China / Russia / CIS nations / Georgia, of course you may pay out travel expenses instead of the charge customer (which would like to choose Japan), a Letter of warranty, the certification of residency of guarantor, and papers guaranteeing the capability belonging to the guarantor to pay out the expenditures should also be cooked along with the through forms whatever the applicant’s nationality. (2) with a party invitation for the purpose of a long-lasting keep (mate, functioning, mastering, etc.), it is strongly suggested that you start by deciding on the nigh local Immigration agency getting a Certificate of qualification granted. (3) After you’ve ready all of those paperwork, submit these to the credit consumer. See right here for specifics.

Q3: exactly what can I do to see a Certificate of qualification?

A3: pose a question to your proxy inside Japan to see employing nearby local Immigration agency .

Q4: must you proceed to the Japanese Embassy / Consulate simple without any help to apply for a visa?

A4: There are three ways to apply for a visa: (1) the visa applicant him/herself goes directly to the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General, (2) the visa applicant writes a Letter of Proxy and get a proxy to go to the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General in his / her place, and (3) the visa applicant uses an accredited travel agent approved by the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General. However, depending on the circumstances in your country or region, there are cases that the documents should only be submitted by the applicant him/herself going to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate, or through an accredited travel agent. Talk to the embassy or consulate to which you want to utilize before making the applying.

Q5: may i apply for a charge during the nigh Japanese Embassy / Consulate universal while traveling in an overseas place?

A5: you are able to request the credit inside the Japanese Embassy / Consulate important in your state (place) or nation (location) of household (if there is more than one, put on japan Embassy / Consulate simple nearby from where you reside). Simply put, you cannot sign up for a visa at your travel location; however, if you can find necessary instances, consult with the Japanese Embassy / Consulate simple the place you want to find the credit prior to the applying.

Q6: precisely why ended up being my favorite charge product certainly not approved?

A6: If any associated with the adhering to circumstances put on your, the application may possibly not be acknowledged.

  • (1) software from people holding Japanese nationality
  • (2) the required forms is made to the Japanese Embassy / Consulate regular outside your own land (domain) of birth or region (part) of household
  • (3) You presently keep a legitimate visa or re-entry permit
  • (4) their previous charge program to go to Japan for a specific mission was refused and now you reapply to see Japan for a similar purpose within 6 months within the denial
  • (5) The credit program is already being manufactured at some other Japanese Embassy / Consulate standard
  • (6) You will find several errors or omissions in the submitted papers
  • (7) The period of validity your visa add-on place of one’s travel document is definitely insufficient
  • (8) the applying is made by an individual who won’t have the criteria which will make a proxy tool
  • (9) a software for issuance of a document of qualification is still impending

2. Software Exam

Q1: the span of time is the application exam years?

A1: the typical making time was five business days from morning bash day for the acceptance of product. But if any kind of verifying is desirable (the submission of more papers, interviews utilizing the candidate, questions, etc.), or if a credit product is perfect for the objective of a lasting keep without a Certificate of qualification, etc., the assessment normally takes more than five working days (from weeks to several weeks). Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you have the application ahead of when the regular date of deviation.

Q2: exactly why ended up being I inquired to offer further reports?

A2: Occasionally more information are needed for the test steps, and quite often you’re questioned during this process add added forms along with the documentation shown because the essential documentation. Each customer has various ailments and situation, and sometimes we really do not notice these till the program has been approved, consequently there are some documentation we don’t enquire everyone to submit right away. If you do not upload the excess files, the evaluation shouldn’t be manufactured further, and you should struggle to find the credit granted.

Q3: My favorite deviation big date are nearing so can you problem the visa right away?

A3: we can’t choose about whether to question or decline the visa program before the necessary exam has been completed. You procedure the solutions relatively from inside the arrange where most people received them. Find the credit promptly once your traveling prepare was opted.