Leslie Shay. Shay and Dawson accompany team 3 to the constructing, where these people come across an injured men and start providing treatment

Leslie Shay. Shay and Dawson accompany team 3 to the constructing, where these people come across an injured men and start providing treatment

Leslie Elizabeth Shay got a paramedic allotted to Ambulance 61, doing work alongside Gabriela Dawson. Shay is actually destroyed into the distinct obligation inside year 3 premiere Real never ever Waits. She was actually portrayed by Lauren German.

Leslie is actually a lesbian, a thing Peter Mills found as soon as the other firefighters strategy him into generating a pass at the girl. She was previously in a three-year romance with a girl known as Clarice Carthage, just who sooner kept the to marry and now have a youngster with a wealthy guy. This seems to have promoted the devotion dilemmas she possesses. She initially originated from Firehouse 87.


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Time 2 [ alter | change starting point ]

In „a Nuisance Call“, she and Dawson are called off to Darryl, a routine caller’s, residence to assist your together with his insulin injection, things this individual could very well do himself. They can be both frustrated at him or her, in which he is obviously infatuated with Shay. He takes out a gun within the center of the decision, and Dawson attempts to have your position they off by yelling at him, but Leslie brings a different sort of means, informing him or her that this hoe’s deeply in love with him or her way too, and can visit elope in nevada if he sets over the gun. Each of his or her solutions do not succeed and he takes on his own inside mind while in front of them, circulation splattering over every one of all of them. This influences Shay and Dawson in another way, with Shay becoming despondent and distant, triggering an argument where Dawson pulls rate as well as both declare their particular friendship over.

She actually is eventually seen inebriated with Otis, stating it actually was terrific that he transported in, and laughs with your until she begins sobbing. Otis consents to help keep the lady description solution from Severide, and she treks out.

Loss of Leslie Shay [ alter | change dating site for lesbian people provider ]

In a portion of the occurrence: „actual never ever Waits“.

Principal Boden’s marriage ceremony was interrupted whenever Firehouse 51 known as to a designing fire. Shay and Dawson adhere to team 3 inside designing, wherein the two find a wounded male and start providing worry. Dawson say Shay to consider the lead within this case since she’d should be accountable after Dawson dead leaves, causing these to turn areas. Immediately after the two alter cities, Dawson conveys to Shay about Casey’s achievable proposal. Shay acknowledges discover about this, and on this talk, an explosion happens in this building. A collapsing pipe fatally hits Shay regarding mind while Dawson brings blown back once again. When Severide happens on world, he or she perceives Dawson creating upper body compressions on Shay and leaps into assist. Despite their unique initiatives, Shay in the end passes away.

Really later found out that Shay was killed by men who was simply stalking this model, Adrian Gish, which also established the flames that harmed Wallace Boden and slain Ross McGowan and Henry Mills twenty years previously. The storyline for the event „Real Never Waits“ is actually with the summer season 3 event 13 „Three Bells“, and that’s a crossover with Chicago P.D. year 2 occurrence 13.

Great charges [ revise | change supply ]

  • (To Mills): „Peter Mills, are you presently gay? Because i’m.“
  • (To Dawson): „It isn’t really too late to switch clubs.“
  • (To Kelly about Clarice): „ends up, i might need overestimated this lady lesbianism.“
  • (To Dawson about Mills): „Ugh. Marry him or her.“
  • (In flashback of Kelly): “ happen to be all of us are noiseless? Tend to be most people being dangerous ((with lisp)) „
  • (Kelly about Shay): „Shay rode on 61. She ended up being a portion of the DNA for this firehouse. She had been all of our good friend. Plenty new circulation in 51 today, pretty soon those that never knew Shay is gonna outnumber individuals just who do. And additionally they should be aware of whoever trace might walking in.“

Appearances [ change | edit provider ]

Shay normally seen during Season 3 through flashbacks, chiefly from Kelly. (Constantly, Refer To It Haven, Extremely the Apocalypse)