What Does an eHarmony Profile Look Like?

In building a long-lasting serious relationship, some incongruity is acceptable. There can be some friction and compromises when looking for a serious relationship, however problems occur when these issues exceed a certain level.

So the question arises: What are those issues that you are ready to overlook in your better half for the whole package?

If the problems causing the conflict are important to either one of the parties, then it could be a cause for major concern.

Getting Started on eHarmony Reviews

When eHarmony was first launched, it had about 400 questions and it took a new member close to an hour to answer all the questions and create a profile.

However, 5 years back, the eHarmony site cut down the number of questions to close to 150, which now helps in the faster creation of profiles.

Although the eHarmony process is a bit lengthy and detailed, users have appreciated the thoroughness when it comes to the complete profile-making process. eHarmony is far more in-depth than other apps and gets you more invested in the process.

Taking the Compatibility Quiz

The compatibility quiz has skyrocketed eHarmony reviews as it is aimed to assess the important areas of your life, so it is vital that you answer these questions as truthfully as possible. Some of the types of questions include: �What are three things you are thankful for?� �What best describes your religious beliefs or spirituality?�

What you put in the blank sections of your profile is key to checking your compatibility with your match, so give some thought to what you write instead of just filling up the sections with the first things that cross your mind. However, these details can be changed anytime while your profile is active.

Selecting Your Preferences

After completing the eHarmony questions that best describe you, you also select your preference of people to match with. Weiterlesen