Eita Kidou does not trust like, in which he does not have any plans to enter romance

The guy as an alternative dedicates his high-school lives, preparing to getting a doctor. The wonderful and you will popular Masuzu Natsukawa are sick of the continual interest. She wants a cure for that it and you can intends to make Eita imagine because the girl sweetheart. Eita does not have any solution but to help you comply with this lady consult. If not, she’ll blog post the fresh new uncomfortable articles out-of his personal log on the internet. For the fake romance set in motion, Eita’s lifestyle converts ugly. Whenever commonly his problems prevent?

twenty four. Nagasarete Airantou

Whenever Ikuto Touhohin chat rooms a motorboat when deciding to take a holiday, he has not a clue out of the thing that was to happen to help you your. The guy ends up towards a remote island throughout the Pacific ocean. It is zero average area. So it apparently isolated area is full of females and strange pets. The girls never have seen a kid in advance of. Weiterlesen