However, she don’t like just how she and her fellow women was in fact treated

We are really not talking about this new 1920s or the 1950s or even the previous few many years of your 20th century. It practice continuing up to 2003, whenever Susana made a decision to work on for chairman of Bayona’s percebes association. This is exactly zero sluggish role: The fresh new chairman works to apply the new laws, enforce quotas, serves as a beneficial conduit amongst the percebeiros additionally the Galicia authorities. Needless to say, the girl candidacy was not well-received by old men guard towards the docks out-of Bayona, of numerous nevertheless possessed by the same laws and regulations away from machismo you to prevail in many sides out of The country of spain. Protests designed, dangers implemented. Even some of the ladies scuba divers, long-accustomed to your mainly based hierarchy, seen Susana’s desires once the an unnecessary complications into the updates quo. Weiterlesen