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After that blah-blah. Finale over. Blah-blah blah. Hohoho. Up coming as we every accomplished, i walked to help you St. James so you can makan. It turned-out it absolutely was simply for the latest taekwando people, the new PJN youngsters you should never. Very sial ah this 1 woman, he wade and you may marah sir i am talking about as with main2 los angeles. But then Sir don’t make the jokes very the guy went KABLOOOEEEYYY. Marah brabis. After all I am biasa sudah playing your marah2. However the anyone else maybe not. Very they might be such as freaked-out. WOOOH. Following we waited in forest around the post office, took all those pictures with Leng . Oitt you. Your own photograph banyak ahh. haha. Up coming next we had to walk back once again to the latest D.O’s offic elizabeth? family? any sort of. The foodstuffs are nyamannn. Particularly the daging. EHHH. Nyasal nda tapau. HAHA. Glen and you may Ryan , the two apeks, have been extremely riding me personally insane wah. Kacauing some body such as angry one to. Glen was for example poking myself a lot of times, use the pom-poms and you will revolution it during my face, told you dumb jokes that renders myself make fun of my butt away from right until my stomach felt like exploding. Next so it various other apek, Ryan . Weiterlesen